Monday, March 26, 2012

Show and Tell

Hi everyone! So, on Thursday, Speedy took a little trip to my school for sharing. My teacher told everyone that we had a special guest. Of course, I knew who it was. Everyone started guessing that it was the guidence counselor, and my teacher said that was who it is. So at 10:30 Speedy arrived in my classroom. I took about 40 questions, and the kids were allowed to come up and take a close look at Speedy. He totally showed off (all his cuteness!). He groomed himself and ran on his wheel for about 2 seconds (but that was enough). Everyone thought that he was about the cutest thing ever! Total highlight of the day. THe only problem was my teacher rand the chime to quiet everyone down and I think Speedy tried to comit suicide he launched himself off of his second floor and tried to burrow away from the noise! Well, thanks for reading!

1 comment:

  1. Well, he really is the cutiest thing ever!!! I'm sure Speedy was surprised by the noise...he has such little ears!