Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's Speedy Feeling?

Hi everyone! I'm going to try to write what I think Speedy is feeling. I'll update it as soon as I can. Here is the first one.

When Speedy Explores After His Cage is Cleaned
                Oooh, ooh what's that? That smells funny. Hey, where's my old stuff? Wait, where's my bed I want my bed. Okay, maybe my round circle (wheel) will take me somewhere else. *Run run*. Am I there yet? Is this someplace different? *Sniff sniff* Nope not there yet. *Run run* Now am I there? *Sniff sniff* Nope. 
1 more time....
2 more times....
3 more times...
  Ok, I give up. Oh! Oh! I'll go see if my food is still there. *Scurry Shuffle*  Phew! My food is still there. Oh! And there's a strawberry! And corn! And sunflower seeds! Yay!

       Okay, that's it for this edition of What is Speedy Feeling! Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think by sending comments. Bye!


Introducing Speedy!

Hi everyone! This is my first blog so I'll do my best.
First, I want to tell you about Speedy. He is a Russian Robo Dwarf Hamster and he is now about 2 months old. We don't know his exact birthday, but if I find out I'll definatly throw a party for him! Anyway, he is only about 3 inches long and very soft. A few of Speedy's nicknames are : Speedster, Sir Speedy (his royal name), Buddy, and Cutie. He goes in his hamster ball for 20 minutes everyday (or at least the days we remember) and he loves to run on his wheel. His favorite foods are strawberry tops (especially the leaves), sunflower seeds, and corn. One thing he likes to do in his free time is run in his tubes and tunnels. His favorite thing to do besides eat is sleep. He sleeps for almost the whole day. Hamsters are nocturnal, so he sleeps during the day and stays up all night. Well, that concludes this post on Speedy! Please tell me what you think by leaving me comments. Thanks for reading!