Monday, February 13, 2012

What's Speedy Feeling 2

Hi every one this is post 2 of What's Speedy Feeling, and I got a comment saying 'do you ever think that Speedy dreams about Tokyo' and I don't remember who sent it  but I'm working on posting a response so keep checking back! This week's edition is called (drumroll) :
                                                                The Cleaning People
                   Snore snore. Huh? What? Who are they? Vroom vroom! Oh, great. Just what I need, a vaccum cleaner. Wait, is that coming closer to me? Yup, it is. Well I'd better head to my tubes to take a nap. Scurry scurry. Thats better. Vroooom Vroooom! On second thought, I might wanna go and just bury myself in fluff and bedding. Vroom vroom. Well thats much better. Now I can finally take a nap.
A few minutes later...     VROOOOM! Not again!
A few more minutes later...      Click. Oh good, they're done!
    That's it for this week's post! Thanks for reading! Tell me how you liked it through comments ( if you can).

1 comment:

  1. Poor little sleep during the day means lots of playing at night!

    Great job Maggie!!!! Grandma